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AYA lgbtq dating app
AYA asyouare lgbtq dating app

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The AYA (AsYouAre) App, is an Indian LGBTQ dating app, that understands the vulnerabilities of LGBTQ dating. Queer people seeking romance in India face some specific challenges – accessibility, hesitation, social stigma – and most apps available in the market are just not designed to handle these issues.
We take your safety very seriously. We verify everyone who registers on the platform. No fakes, no scams, no harassment. Connect confidently. It’s a real person at the other end. We are an all inclusive app for Lesbian dating, Gay dating, Bisexual and Transgender dating and also for people who identify themselves as just Queer.

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LGBTQ Dating app for India

Maybe you have come out, maybe you haven’t. We respect your privacy either way. You choose what details to share, with whom, and when. We just provide you with options.
Unlike mainstream apps, which have added LGBTQ dating as an afterthought, or international LGBTQ dating apps, that are not in sync with Indian ground realities, As You Are or AYA’s approach has been crafted in response to the specific dating needs of Indian queer people. Hence it is the only LGBTQ dating app for India.

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AYA (As You Are) The LGBTQ dating app 

Aya lgbtq dating app in india