6 Tips to Write the Best Gay Dating App Profile

gay dating profile description

We’ve all looked up, “gay dating app profile” or “gay dating app profile examples” before creating an online dating profile, and it can be absolutely daunting. Because, as we all know, it’s not always easy to write about yourself without thinking you are sounding conceited or desperate.

And in this everything-online and the social media-dependent world, meeting someone in person has extremely little or almost no chance. So, it is only logical to use the same Internet and dating apps or matchmaking apps to find that special someone, too. So, if you are looking for it on online matchmaking and dating apps, the key, of course, is a good gay dating app profile.

Photos do help, but we all know the photos only take you so far, and beyond that, you need to be bringing out your personality and who you truly are. So, beyond a pretty face or even without photos on your gay dating app profile, it would be nice to write up bits about yourself so people know what the fascinating parts about you are and the unique bits!

A generic gay dating profile or a dating app profile’s description that does not say much but has great photos might catch someone’s eye. But in actuality, when you meet that person or in the chatbox, conversations might not get too far. A fairly filled-out profile will have conversation starters that either party can use to get the conversation started.

We probably can’t give you gay dating profile examples, but here are our tips and recommendations. Follow these crucial tips to make sure you are attracting the right people online!

1. A small brief about who you are on the Gay Dating Profile.

Your gay dating profile description should start with your most prominent and significant character traits.

Are you creative? Do you like art? Are you funny? Loyal? Intellectually curious?

Choose 3 or 4 adjectives that you feel best to describe you and your personality. A friend can help here, maybe just ask them to describe how they see you or how they would describe you to someone if they were planning to set you up with them. An interesting idea while filling out your gay dating app profile would be to ask a friend to fill it out for you! Sometimes friends know us better than we know ourselves.

Also include things that you care about. If it is your job or family, do write, but there are things we are all passionate about outside of work and family. Figure out what it is for you: movies, nature, writing, music, or sports.

Do you make music? help others? Rescuing stray dogs? Or even learning a new language? Or travel or trekking? Even with the smallest of things, there are people who think it is fantastic.

But do make sure you don’t write in your gay dating app profile things that are very common because then you might not end up standing out as a profile. Think of interesting facts about yourself that would probably be a conversation starter.

Try and avoid boasting about the negative things in life; they will come up and can be addressed with time. Imagine you are writing your work resume. You won’t want to dump all the negative things, right? So, similarly, your profile is your dating resume. Just like a resume, keep your gay dating app profile up-to-date.

2. Gay Dating App Profile should have what sort of a relationship you expect.

Be clear and honest about what you are looking for in a relationship. For example, while writing your gay dating profiles, if you downplay your desire to be in a monogamous committed relationship, you might end up having a conversation with someone who is looking for exactly the opposite, and that might not end well.

We all think there are perfect people, but just like perfect people, perfect unions also exist only in our imagination! Finding someone with whom you can discuss an area of your relationship that you feel is missing and who is willing to evolve is more than half the battle. Accepting input from our partners and seeking the kernel of truth in what they say, on the other hand, allows us to improve ourselves in a similar way.

While writing about the expectations and what you are looking for, there will obviously be times when you will struggle for inspiration. Maybe just look at other gay dating profile examples that are already on the matchmaking app or gay dating app. Reading a few of them might inspire or give you an idea about things that you don’t acknowledge about yourself.

3. Who you want to date/meet – their character and their likes.

Without sounding too specific, talk about the characteristics of the person you would want to date/meet. But while writing that, try and avoid making a list of your ideal partner’s height, body type, and education. Let’s stick to things like sense of humour, honesty, integrity, openness, what they mean to you and what you want them to mean to the other person.

For example, while writing your gay dating profiles, instead of saying “having a fit body,” mention “active” or “valuing fitness.” Because, the first one is an outcome, while the latter is about a way of life. The first one comes across as someone who is excessively concerned with how they look, while the second one comes across as someone who cares about their health. At the end of the day, it is about being nice about what you want.

4. Show yourself with photos, don’t tell it all

You should choose photos for your gay dating profile that show you and your hobbies, and yes, be honest. A flashy photo of a guitar when you actually don’t know how to play it might not take you too far.

Show in your photos what your life looks like in action. Maybe photos of your travels, or if you like pets, a photo of you with your fur babies, or images of you playing your favorite sport, or if you enjoy cooking, something while you are making it would be a conversation starter.

If you are closeted and unsure about posting your photo on a gay dating profiles, it is OK to not have a photo on your dating profile. While we at As You Are understand how it is to want to find a partner while you are still in the closet.

If you were still in your closet, you would be hesitant to put your photo out there, so if you don’t have a photo, make sure your profile is complete because we know you are much more than your photos. Here is something more for you to read up if you are in closet and looking to date.

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5. Honesty is the best policy.

Social media and reality TV that talk about dating, put so much pressure on us to conform to aesthetic ideals and we all tend to be obsessed with certain standards. Most of the time, these situations forget the actual essence of dating, like spending time with a real human being and having a genuine connection.

Because being upfront can be difficult at times, we all have a tendency to slightly bend the truth when using photos or writing about ourselves on a gay dating app profile. But if you are looking for a meaningful long-term relationship, whether as a friend or partner, honest conversations have to happen at some point.

Being clear on your gay dating app profile also means being honest about what you’re looking for in a relationship: casual, temporary, or long-term, or just clear that being unsure is also OK. While gay dating profile examples might not show you why and how they help, it is immensely important to understand your needs and be clear about them as you write.

Just some stuff to avoid:

When writing your gay dating app profile, here are some things that you might want to avoid:

Being stereotypical.

There are way too many foodies, enough travelers, enough shutterbugs out there. It is important to understand that your hobbies or interests are only ways that accentuate who you are, they don’t define you.

Avoid asking intrusive questions.

Different people have a different pace of coming out and opening up. Asking too many personal questions is intrusive. When talking to people you meet on gay dating apps, avoid intrusive questions. However, if someone is avoiding even simple, basic questions, that’s a red flag. The same goes for you while you avoid basic questions. Slow and steady while trying to find a balance is the key.

Dating While Closeted

Do not judge people for not coming out. We all tend to do it, judging others. If, as an LGBTQ person, you judge other LGBTQ people, what does that say about you? We tend to meet a lot of people who might not be with you or be compatible with you, but one should not judge them, right?

Coming out is not a must for someone to want to date. If it isn’t for you, just be honest and maybe write it on your gay dating profile, not in a way to shame them, but just as something you are not ready for because a relationship with someone in closet is not always easy.

Safety While Dating Online

Let us be a parent for just a tiny bit here. You have to play it safe while giving out details online. As much as we at As You Are have verified profiles, and you can choose to show your profile only to the verified users on As You Are, other gay dating apps might not have this same verification mechanism.

In this case, you HAVE to ensure you are being safe about what you are writing. Avoid putting details like where you stay, your specific work-related details, or financial information on the profile (duh!).

Phone number is a no-no in general because people will DM you anyway if they are interested. You would want to keep this detail safe on your gay dating profile and give it out only to the few chosen ones that you trust after chatting up for a bit. Here is a link to some other things you need to know when it comes to security and online dating.

We have our own verification system for our matchmaking app, at As You Are. With our stringent verification process, we ensure that each entry is personally reviewed, including whether selfies are of the same person or not. Our goal is to establish “safe profiles” and a platform where people can feel at ease engaging with one another.

gay dating profile description

Leaving Gay Dating Profile Blank

This is a huge no-no. You have to start the dialogue and communicate, how else are people going to wanna start a conversation? It’s not enough to simply have photos or to be on an LGBTQ dating app, do more than just a few one-liners. Generic stuff like celeb quotes are nice, but just those quotes again won’t suffice!

On the flip side, do not write endlessly too! There are different character limits for different platforms, and some may allow you to write up to 2000 characters, but that doesn’t mean you have to fill it all up.

That said, we as people are changing, and our thoughts and ideas do change with time and experiences. Your interests might change sometimes, and other details might change, as well as what you are looking for in a relationship might change, so make sure you read through your gay dating profile once in a while and see if it needs to be updated.

In Conclusion

Put time and effort into writing and reviewing your online dating profile, cos can’t expect great results if you don’t put in the right amount of effort needed. Others will notice and appreciate the thought and care you put into your profile. So, head to Google Play store and download As You Are, and make the attempt and the effort to write your best gay dating app profile today!