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AYA lgbtq dating app
Aya the lgbtq dating app of India

AYA Understands LGBTQ+ Dating ≠  Straight Dating

AYA is a social networking platform built specifically, especially, for Indian LGBTQ+ people.

At AYA, we understand the unique dating challenges that Indian lesbian, bi, gay, trans, and queer people face – lack of opportunity, lack of privacy, lack of acceptance, harassment, social judgment

Our platform uses carefully designed features and processes to provides users a safe space, a place where they can meet other people, their kind of people, easily, discreetly, and confidently.

AYA prides itself on being a no-pressure zone. We believe declaring sexual orientation and/or gender identity is an individual’s personal choice. We verify, we match, but it is the users who decide what level of detail they want to share, with whom, and when.

Trust us. Join.

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Aya lgbtq dating app
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