All About Section 377

All About Section 377 Mustafa Shaikh

Suresh Chaudhry is a Delhi native who has relocated to Mumbai to pursue his dreams of being an actor. He’s meant to move in with his cousin Rohit Mehra, a well-known photographer who cohabits with his boyfriend, Sid. Suresh only learns of this when he arrives in Mumbai and feels awful about having to put up with a gay couple since he is a homophobe.

This eight-part web series gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look into the lives of LGBTQ people, from the discrimination and stigma they endure to the love they share. Its goal is to humanize queer couples and extend people’s perspectives.

While episodes 1 and 2 help put things into perspective and introduce the audiences to the characters, episode 3 features a touching dialogue between Rohit and his friend where they discuss how, in India, success and talent are neglected mainly by various labels that we attach to individuals, like “Muslim author,” or “lesbian singer,” and so on.

In Episode 4, viewers see Rohit’s mother welcome Sid while assisting Sid in preparing baked beans in cream sauce for Rohit, who has recently shattered his leg. When we see her joy at realizing how much Sid loves Rohit, it’s a lovely moment of pride. Episode 6 is particularly lovely, as it is interspersed throughout with small verses of beautiful love poetry in various scenarios. 

By the end of the episode, Suresh has matured and realized that love always triumphs. We watch him assure Rohit that he would still pray for them to attain the rights they deserve after learning more about Section 377 from his lawyer relative and how it criminalizes something so innocent.

The majority of the series is set in an apartment, which serves as the setting for the situational comedy. You will thoroughly enjoy every moment of it. The series is generally enjoyable. You have to forgive some shoddy editing and poorly crafted moments. 

Still, if you get over that, you’ll find it’s an entertaining series that explores homosexuality in India without being overly dramatic. All of the characters use profanity and risqué humor, and it’s a lot of fun. Rohit, the main character and the series’ creator and director, is a lovely young man. He is a true standout. In fact, all four main characters are a lot of fun.

Rohit, as an actor-director, infuses his type of entertainment with a level of thoughtfulness that should be commended. This series has a lot of editing flaws, overacting, and some pretty awful scripting and consistency in spots. Despite its technical flaws, the series succeeds in casting light on the portrayal of LGBTQ+ culture in India in a really entertaining manner.

Overall, this lovely series is worth watching if you want to learn more about the large majority of our country’s inhabitants. It contains a fantastic mix of romance and comedy, and, in conclusion, it has a powerful social message.