AYA, Safe Indian LGBTQ Matchmaking App that allows Discreet Matchmaking

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Are you a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transexual, or queer person in India? Are you looking to find someone special? Well, then chances are you have explored, or at least contemplated, the world of online dating.
The convenience it offers is oh-so seductive. Click and enter a community of like-minded people. Swipe, and get connected with the ‘right one,’ instantly.

Yet most Indian LGBTQ people remain apprehensive about dating apps and sites.
Sure, you sign up. How else do you meet people when stigma, discrimination, and a scattered community make face-to-face interaction difficult?
However, there is always that niggling fear – Is it safe? Will I get outed? Am I getting scammed?
And given the horror stories – catfishing, cyberbullying, stalking, physical abuse, blackmail – emerging on social media every other day, the concerns often seem justified.
The need to find a matchmaking site that factors in these concerns and assures users not just safety, but also utmost privacy, becomes essential in such a scenario. Up

This is where AsYouAre comes in

Aya lgbtq dating app india
Straight Dating is not the same as LGBTQ Dating

AYA, AsYouAre, is a social networking platform designed specially, exclusively, for Indian LGBTQ people.
Unlike mainstream apps, which have added LGBTQ people as an afterthought, or international LGBTQ dating apps, that are not in sync with India’s ground realities, AYA has been built ground up for Indian queer people.

AsYouAre understands that Straight Dating ≠ LGBTQ+ Dating, especially in the Indian context. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transexual, and queer people in India face some unique challenges – accessibility, vulnerability, social taboos…

And so AYA provides them their own space, a 100% safe space, to connect, chat, meet, and date easily, discreetly. It offers you the opportunity to find that ‘someone special’ without compromising safety or privacy. 

In The Closet Or Out, Find Someone

Whether you are in the closet or out, AsYouAre helps you find that “someone special.” AYA understands Indian LGBTQ people’s need for privacy. Yes, Section 377 has been scrapped. Yes, homosexuality is legal. Yet, the vast majority of the Indian LGBTQ+ population is not comfortable coming out and declaring themselves.

And this is just fine.

Your sexuality and/or gender identity is a private choice. You don’t have to declare it to the world if you are not ready.

Aya lesbian dating gay dating app

However, this does not mean that you should be deprived of the opportunity to meet like-minded people.
What you need is a platform that provides you a safe space to be yourself without pressurising you into making disclosures you are not ready for.

AsYouAre provides you this platform.

Unlike most mainstream dating apps, where selfies and other personal information are the currencies on which someone decides whether to swipe right or left, AYA doesn’t assume you are ready to come out.
Instead, it helps you connect with like-minded people via a carefully designed matchmaking mechanism that ensures your identity stays private as long as you want.
No casual browsing is allowed, no identity-specific information is shared, and privacy controls remain in user hands, always.

Stay Safe In The LGBTQ Dating Game

AYA’s focus on privacy doesn’t just protect your identity, it helps you stay safe too.
Beyond catfishing, thousands of reports of queer hate crimes, stalking, rape, abductions, extortion, and physical attacks have emerged from dating sites. Privacy and confidentiality go a long way in safeguarding you here.
Also, AYA enforces a strict security protocol. All users on the platform are authenticated and verified.
And casual browsing is replaced with personalised matchmaking. This ensures that you get connected with the right people, even as privacy is maintained.

aya lesbian dating gay dating app india
Safe space for LGBTQ dating

Confidentiality is guaranteed through the entire matchmaking process. Details such as contact information, names, and relationship status are never disclosed.
Only information about interests, profession, age, and city are shared during the matching process.
If there is interest on both sides, users take it forward, choosing to divulge only as much personal information as they want, at their own pace.

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Sounds like your kind of place? Then why not check it out.

As one of the AYA users says, “If you have accepted you are gay, then why spend time, energy and emotions on the wrong (straight) people. Might as well start looking for love at the right place.” 
AYA User

AsYouAre is this right place.