Looking For A Private, Safe Indian LGBTQ Dating Site? Welcome to AsYouAre!

Are you a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transexual, or queer person in India? Are you looking to find someone special? Well, then chances are you have explored, or at least contemplated, the world of online dating. The convenience it offers is oh-so seductive. Click and enter a community of like-minded people. Swipe, and get connected with…

Top 10 LGBTQ movies of all time

Movies teach us how to view others—and how to view ourselves. This has been truly evident in how film has depicted queer characters from its earliest days as visual medium. We have seen the community reduced to stereotypes—sometimes based in truth, sometimes played by queer performers eager to find work and express their own identities…

Jobs and the LGBTQ Community- Is there a discrimination?

15 – 43 percent of gay and transgender workers have experienced some form of discrimination on the job. 8 – 17 percent of gay and transgender workers report being passed over for a job or fired because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. 10 – 28 percent received a negative performance evaluation or were…

How to come out to your parents?

Telling your parents is a fairly big deal, not just because they shall now know your orientation. This also lets you own your sexuality, have the courage to be yourself and not live in secret anymore.

How do I know if I am gay?

If you’re experiencing conflicting sexual feelings, it’s okay to ask “How do I know if I am gay?” But at the same time, there’s no reliable ‘Am I Gay Test’ that you can simply take to know.