Book Review: Talking of Muskaan

Talking of Muskaan

Talking of Muskaan by Himanjali Sankar is a young adult novel that explores the issues of bullying and homosexuality among teens in school. In various perspectives, she talks about class differences, the entitlement that comes with being from a certain class, and the dire need for support systems for students. It is a slightly heavy young adult novel, but it is also recommended for adults, especially parents. Parents can reflect on how their own behaviour, attitudes, and prejudices tend to creep into their children’s attitudes and points of view.

The narrative of Talking of Muskaan starts with Muskaan in a hospital, fighting for her life. Her three classmates: her former best friend Aaliya, Prateek, and the class topper, Subhojoy, talk among themselves about Muskaan. They were called into the school principal’s ….. continue reading

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