Dear Dad: Tanuj Bhramar

The movie Dear Dad is a story about Nitin and his son Shivam. Right into the movie, and after years in marriage, Nitin comes out of the closet and reveals his homosexuality to his son Shivam. After this, him and his wife separate. 

Nitin adores his son and since he has to send him to boarding school, he decides to break the news to him on his way there.

On a positive note, the movies has handles the whole issue of homosexuality in a mature manner. While the first part of the journey has many sweet and memorable moments, the final stretch is the one that will tug at your heartstrings. 

Critics of the movie suggest that the writers could have done better if they had weaved in more situations like this one to play a centre part in the film. The cinematography is done wonderfully and is of good quality and makes for excellent additional screenplay. The director of the movie dared to come up with an extremely sensitive subject and manages to present it perfectly. However, there are some scenes in the movie that were remarkably shot and deserve accolades.

Arvind Swamy who plays Nitin was the perfect actor for his role and Himanshu Sharma who plays his son is a suitable support for Nitin. The film is a one-liner but has the same great feel that feel-good films carry. At the release of the film, some critics weren’t happy with the lethargic manner in which the film was presented and felt that it could have been a bit lighter. 

The narration of the film is quite slow and there are some connections missing. There are a few sub plots in the film that are fixated on Bengali babus. However, these plots fail as they don’t seem to go with the flow of the main plot. 

The director of the film set the tone early on but then proceeds to frolic around and takes his time before getting back on track. At this point, your patience might get tested a bit.

Arvind Swamy made an ace performance in the movie considering the fact that it is about a sensitive subject. In the end, the movie is diluted by lethargic and weak scenes that turn it into a decent watch.

It takes a whole lot of courage for a teenage boys’ father to finally come out of the closet and reveal his true nature to the kid. The boy has a crush on a girl, he takes pleasure in reading adult magazines and is shattered when he finds out the real reason for his parents’ divorce. Even then, there are still some moments of warmth and sweetness within the movie.

Despite the writers’ and directors intent to bring a sensitive subject to life, the movie does have some flaws. There is no curiosity for the viewer as the nail is hit too early on into the film. The director also doesn’t reveal to viewers how Nitin’s wife dealt with his secret.In the end, we also have no idea how Nitin and his son have resolved their differences. This movie deserves a watch simply because of its idea that people should be accepted as they are and loved unconditionally.