Exciting New Additions: WE, Community and Group Chat


After almost a year in the dating scene, our team at As You Are realised that Indian queer people are looking for more than just dating, more than just swiping through profiles. The Indian LGBTQ community needs a safe and stress-free space for conversations, building friendships, and interacting with other people in the Indian LGBTQ community. Even if it is just looking for someone to step out for a queer event or share a personal story, the Indian LGBT community needs a environment for these unique experiences and conversations.

While we see how important dating is for Indian queer people, we also see that there are a lot of you looking for avenue to make friends and engage with the queer community. We’ve noticed there is a dearth of safe spaces to make long lasting friendships and interact with like-minded queer people. Aiming to meet people where they are at, we are taking a new approach to focus on long term relationships and bonds built with more emphasis on conversations.

We’ve got two new offerings: Group Chat and WE, As You Are Community, and these are besides the existing Matchmaking. So, two more avenues to engage with the larger Indian queer community.

WE, As You Are Community

Take part in discussions, share your thoughts, or start your own discussion on the “WE, As You Are Community”. Bring your true queer self to the judgment-free zone to engage in authentic conversations and connect with like-minded individuals. Contribute your thoughts, invite your friends, and explore the space together. There is room for all and any queer conversations, whether it’s Supreme Court news or venting about that movie that queer-baited you. You can also share your personal stories, coming out experiences, or post your thoughts on a news article to get others’ thoughts, because we are all in this together!

We would love to see a community where the Indian LGBTQ community and its allies come together and build a community that supports and celebrates each other. 

Group Chat

Connect with other queer people with similar interests or start your own hobby group. Whether it is gaming or baking, talking about your interests or getting advice on hobbies is a great way to bond with people. When there is common ground, there’s so much to do. Even if you can’t meet offline, just having an avenue is a great bonding opportunity to experience. So, find LGBTQ people to share your thoughts and experiences, while being as authentic as possible, in a judgment-free zone. Connecting with new LGBTQ people can provide you with a sense of community and assist you in living the life you truly deserve. We all need a support network that appreciates our victories and passions.

You can participate in Community and Group Chat without joining the matchmaking section, because we’ve built those two additions to work with a different profile. We still have our matchmaking for people looking to find love. Browse through the profiles, heart the ones you like, or just DM them! The manual verification process is in place to keep the matchmaking zone fun and safe, just as before. Only verified profiles can send a DM, ensuring you only engage with genuine profiles.

With most mainstream spaces being filled with various kinds of hate, these are our efforts to create safe and judgment-free avenues for Indian LGBTQ people, where they can be themselves while sharing their most fun or most vulnerable selves. So, we are looking to evolve into a community for Indian LGBTQ people who are looking for more than just swiping. Come on board and make friends, interact with LGBTQ people, and build bonds over long conversations and group chats.