Five Things to Do on a Date

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How long have you been dating? Not just your current partner (for those of you who have a partner, or are in the beginning stages of dating someone) but at all? Whether it’s forever, or just a hot minute, figuring out dating ideas can be a bit of drag. Dating can be difficult – if it’s a first date you’re trying to be on your best behaviour, while simultaneously evaluating them on theirs; if you’ve been out a few times you might be wondering what happens next, or wondering what to do next; or hey, maybe you’ve been together for ages and now you want to shake things up a little. 

COVID-19 still exists, but our cities are slowly opening up again, and there might be options for you both outside the house and inside

a. For the adventurous and sensual:

Have you heard of “dark dining”? In this luxurious dining experience, the room is darkened so that you can see nothing – not even the food you are served. At first, this sounds uncomfortable, or even silly. But eating is an experience of sound, texture, smell and taste as much as it is of vision. With sight gone, your other senses are heightened, and your experience of food – and your company – takes on a detail you would otherwise miss. Dark dining isn’t available everywhere, but it’s something exciting you can do with both a completely new person you want to connect with and your partner you’ve been with forever.

b. For the adventurous and athletic:

If you both have any common sports interests, a sports date might be an easy and cool option – assuming you can easily arrange a date around that. With sports, you’re both set to do something you enjoy while you learn about each other as players as well as potential romantic partners. When the pandemic threat is past us, team sports or group sports (cricket! bowling!) can be low-stakes events where you have fun even if you don’t have that spark with a new someone. For the risk-takers among you, rock climbing (indoors and outdoors) can build a rapport of accomplishment – and adrenaline!

c. For the safety-conscious, and the long-distanced:

The video call date might feel limited in its options, but it doesn’t have to be. A lot of the activities you’d do for an at-home date – cooking together, watching a show together – these are still on the table(s)! Treat the Zoom date with as much care as you would a “real” date – dress the way you would for a special occasion. Dunzo your boo some flowers, and if you’re artistic, write a poem or make something beautiful for them – if it can be performed over the video, do that. If you trust your video calling platform, the night can end with more than just dinner. 😉

d. For the explorer:

How well do you both know your city? Most of us take the place we live in for granted. For a first date or a hundredth, the walkthrough your city’s best-known tourist spots can be engrossing – but not too engrossing. Seeing a landmark or a happening spot through fresh eyes can rejuvenate both where you are and your sense of who you’re with. (If they love the same places you do, then you have something beautiful to build on). This can be a small first step to the travelling you might want to do with them someday, and the travelling you can’t do right now.

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e. For those who are home, together:

The new year is around the corner. You have a bottle of wine (or beer, or juice – whatever your poison!); you’ve ordered in your favourite meal to celebrate. You’re in love – or in heady lust! Surprise your bae with something from LoveTreats or IAmBesharam, and introduce indulgence to your time together in bed. Start out the new year with a re-commitment to the luxury of loving sex; spice it up with edible body butter or a new toy, or even a game you haven’t played before. 2021 can be the year you and your love relearn each other anew. 

Whatever you end up doing, here’s wishing you excellent first, third and two hundredth dates, and a wonderful year ahead.