Frequently Asked Questions


How can I chat with other members?

You first have to submit your basic details with a clear selfie. The admin will look at the selfie and basic details submitted by you and will approve or reject your profile. If your profile is approved you will be able to chat with other members.

What happens when I send a chat request?

When you send a chat request, the member you send it to has the right to accept or reject it based on their personal choice.


Can other members see my selfie?

No, other members cannot see your selfie. It is only for our verification purposes. We do not want users to create fake profiles.

What can other members view in my profile?

They can see your profile details under the username that you create. Other members cannot see your selfie or email and mobile.

Will verified members be able to see my real name and photo?

No, they cannot. This is upto you to share when you start chatting with them.

How to know if the person I’m talking to is genuine

The verified user will always have a tick mark on their profile to show that they are a real person. People who have purchased premium membership also have verified profiles.

How many profiles do you allow to browse?

Profiles are limited based on your preferences you set for yourself. Wider preferences will give you more profiles. Use the filters section to see more or less profiles.

What if there are no profiles in my city?

This may happen, you may view profiles from other cities, till more people sign up from your city.

How can I search for profiles?

Use Filters in the Browse section to search for profiles based on your preferences.


How do you verify members?

We verify members by matching their selfie with their selected gender and orientation. If they do not match or if the selfie is not clear, we ask them to upload the same again. You can also purchase the premium plan, tat will deem you as a verified member.

What is an unverified profile?

Unverified profiles are those who did not upload their selfie An unverified user will not have a tick mark next to their username and cannot send chat requests to anyone.

What if I do not want to give my selfie?

A selfie is a requirement to verify your profile as a genuine user. If you do not submit your picture your account will not be verified. You can also purchase premium plan in which you do not have to upload any picture and can enjoy premium plans as well. 

What happens if my profile is rejected?

Your Profile could get rejected if the selfie is not clear or if the basic details you share are not in conjunction with your selfie. For e.g. one may say that they are 25 years old but from the selfie we feel they are younger or much older. The admin will reserve the right to take this call. You will be asked to either upload a clear selfie or correct the details shared. Admin may ask for a KYC document as well.

What happens when my profile is blocked?

If a user blocks your profile you cannot send them a chat request or a direct message.

What happens when my profile is reported?

When a Profile is reported the admin may block the user’s profile from being listed. To get a profile reinstated, members will have to share the information that the admin may ask for. Once the admin is assured that the member is not a threat or nuisance to anyone, the admin will reinstate the profile.

What to do if the person I’m talking to asks for money?

Do not give money to anyone. Block and report the user. Click on the profile and go to “Block Profile”, after you block the profile you can also report a profile.

What to do if the person I’m talking to is harassing or texting rude messages to me? OR What to do if someone sends an unwanted intimate photo?

Block and report that profile immediately. Click on the profile and and on the top left you will see a block profile symbol, go to “Block Profile”, and report the profile as well.

How to report a fake profile?

Click on the profile and and on the top left you will see a block profile symbol, go to “Block Profile”, after you block the profile you can also report a profile.

How to deactivate my account?

Go to the ‘Menu’ tab and click on top o your profile display. There you will see a ‘Deactivate My Account’ option. by clicking on it you can deactivate your profile.

Does AYA track my location?

No AYA never tracks your location.

I can see some profiles which I think are fake, what do I do?

We encourage you to report such profiles to the admin. Click on the profile and go to “Block Profile”. After you block the profile you can also report a profile.

How long does it take to approve a profile?

It may take upto 8 hours. But we usually approve within an hour.


What happens when the free plan expires?

Your Free plan never expires, however we may restrict the rights of a Free Plan. You can always upgrade to a Premium Plan to enjoy all features and services.

What is the difference between a Free Plan and a Paid Plan?

Premium plan allows you to view profiles from across the country. You can send a direct message to a member you want to chat with. You can see who viewed your profile and who liked your profile.


How can I reach support?

We have introduced a support profile that appears in everyone’s list of profiles in the browse section. You can send a direct message to the admin in case of any query or comment that you may have.

Refer and Earn 

How can I refer and earn credits?

When you refer another member to AYA and they register, you can earn credits and get a Premium plan free for a specific period.

Can Credits be cashed out?

No they cannot be cashed out or refunded in any form. You can use credits in exchange for Free Premium Plan Days.

How do I get premium features

You can get premium features when you purchase a premium plan. You can go to ‘Menu’ and select the membership tab. From there you can choose a plan that is suitable for you.