Web – Frequently Asked Questions

How can I chat with other members?

By submitting the required information, i.e. selfie, about, basic details and kyc document. You get access to chat with members for free for a month.

How do you verify members?

We verify members by matching their selfie with their Photo ID proofs that they submit. If they do not match, we ask them to upload the same again.

Can other members see my selfie?

No, other members cannot see your selfie. It is only for our verification purposes. We do not want users to upload fake photos.

What if I do not want to give my selfie?

It is advisable to submit a selfie. Like you, other members also prefer chatting with verified members.

What can other members view in my profile?

Other members cannot see your selfie and your full name. They can see your profile details under the display name that you submit.

Did will verify members be able to see my real name and photo?

No, they cannot. This is up to you to share when you start chatting with them.

What is the benefit of giving you the KYC document?

You also get a verification badge that appears on your profile. You have more chances of getting a chat request with this badge.

How many profiles will you allow to browse?

Profiles are limited based on the preferences you set for yourself. Wider preferences will give you more profiles.

What if there are no profiles in my city?

This may happen, you may interact with profiles from other cities, till more people sign up from your city.

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