Homie meaning: What does it mean?

homiesexual flag

When it comes to matchmaking in the LGBTQ community, people should be aware of the different types of gender identities and personality traits that exist amongst the crowd, before heading straight to the socializing part. That’s why in this article piece, we will uncover some of the doubts that individuals might have about Homie and it’s meaning.

Homiesexual can be described as attraction towards individuals who are the same gender. In this case, heterosexual men who do not identify as gay may feel sexual attraction to their boy friends.

Homie meaning throughout history

Originated on Reddit and Discord, homie came to be as an offensive term to troll and mock the LGBTQ+ community. Now, the homie meaning has replaced the term ‘gay’ for many Gen Z out there who feel the need to describe themselves as attracted to a close friend.

The search results of homie got alone more than 40 million results on TikTok in the year of 2021. A article published on New York Times titled “Everyone is Gay on TikTok” defined homiesexual as a “term to describe straight men who go beyond bromance and display nonsexual signs of physical affection”.

Home meaning on the flag

The online version of homosexual flag features five stripes. It features pink to represent attraction to women, white links friendship and attraction together, red represents love, blue stands for attraction to your homie, and to top it off, yellow stands for attraction towards non-binary people.

homiesexual flag

How to identify yourself as a Homie?

If you feel comfortable connecting in sexual activities with your homies like kissing, cuddling, hugging, and touching, then you can claim the homie meaning to describe your identity. Often times, many feel non expressive towards their friends or close ones. However, if you are the opposite and you are able to show your feelings to your boy friends, there’s no doubt that you are considered as a homie.

It’s never right to assume someone’s gender based on their gender expression or sexual interest. Asking for someone’s pronoun in a conversation can be a good thing. Request a homiesexual person to express about their preferred pronouns. It may also be effective to stay curious about other people’s identity and beliefs. Everyone needs a sense of belonging, so it’s important to recognize each others differences first rather than going against everyone’s thought processes.

Common phrases of homie

“What’s up my homie”.

“Thanks homie”.

“I am hanging out with my homies”.

“I love you homie”.


Coming out and identifying as part of the LGBTQ+ community can be a major task for some. It’s all about loving yourself and accepting your feelings for the way they are. We must recognize that if someone identifies as homie and has feelings for someone, they are equally human as everyone else. Be mindful of your language and behavior when you come across someone who identifies as ‘homie’. Always attempt to create a safe environment around those who choose to express themselves differently. Remember to stand up against discrimination and advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and inclusion.