Kari features a lesbian woman as its central protagonist. It is a work of art by the exceptionally talented graphic novelist – Amruta Patil. But Kari is not just a lesbian graphic novel, it is much more.

Kari explores themes of friendship, love, and death in Smog City, a magical-realism version of Mumbai (Patil). The novel follows its titular character, Kari, in the aftermath of an attempted double suicide by Kari and her lover, Ruth. At the time of its publishing, Kari stood out in great contrast to other Indian comics. The decision to portray the protagonist of the novel as an antisocial lesbian was far different from what one would see in most Indian comics at the time. Patil skillfully utilizes Hindu mythology, an eclectic art style that includes imitations of famous paintings, queer themes, death motifs, and strategic use of the comic form to create a graphic novel that sets itself apart from others of its kind. …continue reading

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