Personalised LGBTQIA+ Matchmaking for Indians everywhere
No need to download the app, no swiping, we'll help you find the best queer matches with no effort on your part. Focus on what's really important: connecting with the right person for you.
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How it Works

Register and get an appointment with one of our team members.

Fill out your basic details and book a slot to get on call with our team member to discuss your details and preferences you are looking for. We want to make sure we do it right for you, so get on the phone with our matchmaking team members and have all of your questions answered.


Choose the best suitable plan.

We offer three convenient plans Starter, Select, and Super in Assisted Matchmaking. Discuss your options with our matchmaking team member and pick the best plan for your matchmaking journey. We want to make matchmaking effortless for you while saving you time and helping you meet quality matches.


We create your profile based on your preferences.

We create your profile based on your preferences. We will gather all your details and your preferred partner's details, right from age, lifestyle traits, education, interests, etc. These details will be kept confidential and can be viewed by our personal matchmaking team only and we also share it with potential matches.


Get only the best matches every week

Once we have gathered all the information about your preferences, you will start receiving handpicked high-quality matches every week, straight to your inbox. You are not restricted by number of matches which means you can get as many matches as you want. If something doesn’t work for you, the feedback would help us improve the quality of matches.

This service is designed keeping in mind the requirements of the LGBTQ folks who don't find enough time to scroll through profiles on dating apps or would like to be sent personalised recommendations of people. This service does not consider coming out as a prerequisite and gives everyone the personal attention they need to find a match.
Predominantly, online dating has become swiping the profile with a quick glance, but what we offer with Assisted Matchmaking is carefully selected profiles based on your preferences, right in your inbox. No more having to go through the endless swiping, only to find that the person might not be interested in anything long-term. We work towards improving the quality of matches so you meet and engage with potential matches that are also looking for long-term relationships.
The interview will be conducted by our matchmaking team member and the conversation will be centered on understanding you and your preferences for potential partners. These preferences are around things like interests, age, and many other criteria. We would need at least 45 minutes of your time to gather all of the information we need to find the best matches for you.
During the interview, the questions asked by our matchmaking team members will revolve around understanding you and your preferences and interests. This information will then be used by our team to look for the best quality matches for you.
We have three different plans that we offer based on how long you think you want to utilize the service. Feel free to discuss the plans' pros and cons with our matchmaking team members.
Yes, the details and preferences that we gather about you are only accessible by our matchmaking team members. We do not post this information on any public forum.
Yes, you can choose to upgrade or downgrade your plan as per your convenience.
Unfortunately, once you have sign up for the plan, there is no option to pause the plan.
Yes, you can get on a call with our matchmaking team member and give us the feedback so we can further fine tune the information we have and so we can bring in better matches for you.
Yes, but only if you cancel the plan within a week of making the payment.
Based on the preferences that we have gathered about you and your interests, we sieve through our manually verified database of profiles to find you the best match for you.
We manually verified profiles in our database of people from the Indian LGBTQIA+ community who are interested in finding long-term partners.
Even if you are in a closet, you can use our Assisted Matchmaking service. We don’t share any of the information with people outside our database or in any public form.
From our database, once we find a match that suits your preferences, we share the details of this potential match along with their contact details with you. At this point, you can review the profile and choose to get in touch with the potential match.