LGBTQ Dating in the Closet: Know Pros and Cons

lgbt dating in the closet

If you really wants to know the pros and cons of LGBTQ dating in the closet then read the article till the end. Dating for LGBTQ people is a lot more difficult than it is for straight people. It has its own nuances, difficulties, hardships, and considerations. This is why AYA (As You Are) India is here.

To provide you with best LGBTQ matchmaking advice and help you find the relationship you want. One of the biggest hurdles to matchmaking can be the closet, especially when it comes to LGBTQ dating apps in India.

There is a lot of discrimination, hate, and prejudice that can make people feel unsafe or uncomfortable. For this reason, many people choose to hide their sexuality or gender identity what is referred to as “being in the closet”. While this can make dating difficult, it’s important to recognize that many people choose to do this for your own safety.

So if you are in the closet, only come out when you absolutely feel safe and comfortable doing so. The most important thing is your safety. Whether or not you’re in the closet, The AYA App can help you find what you’re looking for.

How As You Are Supports You

AYA is very protective over its members and their data. We leave personal information completely private, allowing you to share with whoever you want, whenever you want. This way, even if you’re still in the closet, you can meet people safely. Additionally, all of our members are verified, unlike some other LGBTQ dating apps. This means that there will always be a real person talking to you, not a bot or a scammer. 

As we’ve said already, your safety is the most important thing. We let you choose who you share information with and how you share it, how you meet people, and we make sure you’re always talking to a real person. So if you’re in the closet, you can feel safe using our LGBTQ matchmaking site in India.

Cons of Dating in the Closet

Obviously, there are some downsides to dating someone who is in the closet, or while you’re in the closet. But if that’s what you feel comfortable doing, then that is completely okay. 

First, there is one of the most prevalent ones: hiding. Not being able to hold hands in public, worrying about running into people you know, maybe not even seeing each other in public. This is something that many couples like to do, and not being able to do it has its downsides. It can make the relationship feel less real. It can create feelings of shame and doubt. There can also be fear. Entering into any relationship carries with it a vulnerability.

But for people in the closet, that vulnerability is much higher. They worry about their friends and family finding out, and potentially being put in danger. This fear can at times be debilitating and can make you uncomfortable entering that relationship. And it is a risk, but it can also be overcome. 

Third, there are scenarios of difference between partners. One partner may be proudly out, while the other is still in the closet. This has its own nuances for both parties. For the out person, it can cause a lot of frustration. They feel like they have to hide themselves, almost like they are back in the closet again. They can’t tell their friends and family and may have doubts about their self-worth. It can make them feel like they aren’t in a “real” relationship. 

For the closeted person, they may also feel insecure in the relationship. They worry that they are holding their partner back, and this may lead them to feel that they aren’t being a good partner. Further, there is the fear of being discovered. 

All of these things are especially present for LGBTQ dating in India. However, we don’t say them to deter you. They can be overcome, and you can still have a great relationship. They are just things to be aware of. 

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Pros of LGBTQ Dating in the closet

Along with the bad sides, there are many good sides when it comes to closeted dating.

For one, there can be a feeling of rebellion. If you are hiding your relationship, it’s like sneaking around as a teenager, which is a feeling many people like. There’s also the emotional depths. Many closeted LGBTQ people haven’t had as much dating experience, and aren’t as jaded. For that reason, they’re able to form deeper connections more easily and sometimes be a fun and more exciting partner. 

Additionally, many people say that intimacy is great. Due to closeted people’s deeper emotional capacity, they can form better intimate bonds. This can make the relationship a lot closer, more emotionally open, and more welcoming. As you can see, there are some good sides to LGBTQ dating in the closet as well, not just bad. 

Wrapping It Up

There are many pros and cons to dating in the closet, especially in India. Clearly, you don’t have to come out to have fun, but it can make it easier. So what’s most important is doing whatever feels safe to you, whenever it feels safe to do it. If you don’t want to come out, then you don’t have to. 

Hopefully, you use these pros and cons as considerations to remember in your relationships and dating. With this LGBTQ friendly advice and the help of AYA’s expert match-makers, you can have the matchmaking life you’ve always wanted.