Mitrachi goshta, a friend’s story : a play in three acts

Translated as “A Friend’s Story” from Marathi, “Mitrachi Goshta” is an Indian play by Vijay Tendulkar. First performed in 1981, Mitrachi Goshta is one of the first modern Indian plays dealing with lesbian themes or same-sex attraction. The very first version of the play in Marathi was published in 1982 by Nilkanth Prakashan. The English version of this Marathi play, done by Gowri Ramnarayan, was published in 2001 by Oxford University Press. Marathi stalwarts from the theatre space like Vinay Apte, Rohini Hattangadi, and Ujwala Jog were cast in the first premier in 1981.

Vijay Tendulkar’s many other works include path-breaking and “controversial” themes like pre-marital sex, childbirth, prostitution, …….. continue reading

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