Malayalam Cinema has been consistently delivering films that are substantial and unique. One only needs the eye to see it.

Moothon, which is a near-perfect film to watch, begins with a communal disturbance but the story hidden underneath was yet to be told. 

The film is about one of the purest forms of love and the worst forms of crushing it one can ever witness. Akbar (played by Navin Pauly) and Ameer (played by Roshan Mathew) locked eyes when they saw each other for the first time during an event. None spoke but both conversed. We get to know later that Ameer can not speak. Akbar and Ameer grow close and in that one scene where they are sitting beside the ocean where Ameer says, “No one here understands what I say.” Akbar replies, “I am understanding it all.” In a scene where both of them are in the ocean looking at the sky and just holding each other is one of the most magical scenes you’ll ever watch … continue reading

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