Navaratri, Garba and Queerness

Recently, Queer Garba was organised by Dilbar Dandiya, a Dandiya organisation group based in Bhilai for the third year in a row. Each day of Garba night, Dilbar Dandiya is noted for a different special theme. On October 2, guests were invited from the autonomous LGBT group QueerGarh. The event took place at Weldex Ground at Bhilai Civic Center.

Many members of the LGBTQIA+ community attended the event. Raipur’s LGBTQIA+ members, dressed in colorful robes, happily danced to Garba’s tunes as the venue’s large projectors continued to project the colorful images of Raipur pride.

Vidya Rajput, member of Transgender Welfare Board emphasised the importance of mainstreaming of the community. Sidhant Behera, a member of QueerGarh said that empowerment of the community is possible through mainstreaming. The event was attended by more than fifty members of the LGBTQIA+ community. 

When it comes to the Navaratri festivity, we see that it is a lot dominated by the cis gender heternormative approach (just like other festivals) but we have someone changing the game for years and how. Yes, Falguni Pathak and their amazing and unapologetic queer being. Their approach towards their dressing without crashing femininity is what we love the most in addition to the very obvious and melodious voice. The recent wave of remakes pushed them to the verge of puking but OG is OG, afterall. 😀

The filmography in their songs is usually the show stealer. Falguni plays the saviour to these girls who have to meet their masculine romantic interests (who are given the least importance, finally. Falguni understands the assignment so well). They play a sound mixer, dance teacher or a fairy godmother to Cinderella whilst making sure that the flavour of their queerness is not lost in the supposed hetero-normative culture. 

Be right back, playing ‘Yaad Piya Ki Aane Lagi’ while everyone else grooves to their beats for Garba and Dandiya. 

Happy Navaratri, everyone.