Planning to come out, here are a few things to Remember

Coming out of the closet can be one major decision of your life. When you have discovered your sexuality and you aren’t ashamed of who you are, that is the right time to come out to others around you about your sexuality.

However, there are certain things you need to know and understand before coming out, even after you have developed the courage and confidence to finally express who you are.

Planning to come out, here are a few things to remember

Remember you are unique

Don’t come out just because you’ve heard or read stories about people coming out. Remember you are unique and so is your situation with people around you whom you wish to come out to. You have to be sure you want to do it. However, there’s no specific age or method to come out. Coming out depends on you, your society, and the situation you find yourself in.

Make sure you have a reason to come out about your sexuality

You should not think about coming out just because you are being  forced to or given an ultimatum to do so. You should have your personal reasons to come out. These reasons could be because you want to be open about your relationship, or you are looking for a relationship, or meet people with similar sexual orientation. When you feel the time is right, go for it!

Consider the negative side of coming out about your sexuality

Sometimes you can have every reason to come out, but you have to be careful whether the community or society or the people around you are LGBTQ-friendly. It might be that your family would not support you being gay. You have to be sure that coming out would not have an adverse e+impact on a relationship you have with people who are close to you. If you think it would, then you need to have a rethink if it is the right time.

Know who you want to tell

Whom you want to come out about your sexuality depends on you. You might like to share it with the world on your social media profile, tell your family members and a few friends but not co-workers. It is your choice. You have the right to not give this information to anyone if you don’t want them to know about your orientation. Don’t feel guilty when people think you are straight. Simply because you didn’t tell them you’re gay doesn’t mean you are fake.

Choose how you want to come out about your identity

Coming out should be your own way. There is no perfect or exact way to do it. You might decide to come out at once or make it a gradual process. Coming out at once means openly expressing yourself as gay where everyone can see. Gradually coming out would involve not telling everyone at once. You can start with your best friend, your family, and a few more people.

Be sure of your safety while coming out

Coming out in some areas where people discriminate against your sexual orientation is not a good idea. If you feel that it’s not safe or you wouldn’t be accepted coming out to express your sexual orientation, you don’t have to risk your life coming out. Perhaps, you can take time, rethink and find a safer way to come out.

Coming out about your sexuality  is not compulsory. But when you finally think you should, these ideas will help you with the basic things you need to know before coming out.