Signs You’re Transgender Even if You Don’t Know

People who identify as transgender or Trans know that their gender identity isn’t the same as the sex they were assigned when they were born. For instance, if you were assigned male at birth, you could feel that your gender identity is female. 
On the other hand, you may have been assigned female or male at birth but you do not identify as one or the other. If this is the case, then you are non-binary. While many people are aware that they’re transgender-sometimes even at the age of 3- some do not understand how they feel themselves until their later years in life. 
If you have no idea that you’re transgender but feel that you could be, it’s OK. It is totally fine to not know or to question your gender identity. No matter how you feel right now, understand that whatever gender you choose to identify with is valid.
If you’re wondering whether you might be transgender, consider the below aspects we put together so you can have a better understanding of your gender identity.

Understanding your gender identity

There’s no “right” or single way for anyone to figure out whether they’re Trans or not. But, there are certain things that may point towards a Trans identity:
–       You’re not comfortable when people refer to you as a man/woman or boy/girl. 
–       You may get uncomfortable when people use the wrong pronoun when referring to you.
–       You feel that your sense of self and your body are not in alignment. How your body looks externally may necessarily be whoever you feel you are on the inside.
–       The onset of puberty and the appearance of certain sex characteristics such as facial hair, or breasts becomes a traumatic experience for you. This may consequently lead to increased body image issues referred to as gender dysphoria.

What to do if you’re still not sure

–       If you’re still not sure about whether or not you’re Trans, try to write about your feelings in a diary or a journal. Speak with someone you trust and explain to them how you’re feeling. The person you choose to talk to should be someone who understands Tran’s issues deeply.
–       Find a counsellor you trust and talk to them so they can help you to resolve your feelings and align your thoughts.
–       Consider joining a Trans peer group or an LGBTQ support group to find the support you need.
–       Consider talking to a trusted medical professional or a GP and explain to them how you feel.

If you think you’re Transgender:

–       Only express yourself in a way you’re comfortable with and feels right. 
–       Try and use a different pronoun other than what you used before to describe yourself. You should be comfortable using the pronoun you choose.
–       Remember that your gender identity isn’t the only thing that defines you so it’s ok to feel comfortable with the gender identity that feels comfortable for you.

Remember, talking to people that have been in the same position or in similar positions as you will be very helpful in your journey to self discovery.