Top Five Things you can Do on a Date

How long have you been dating? 

Not just your current partner (for those of you who have a partner, or are in the beginning stages of dating someone), but at all? 

Whether it’s forever, or just a hot minute, figuring out dating ideas can be a bit of drag.

Dating can be difficult – if it’s a first date, you’re trying to be on your best behaviour while simultaneously evaluating them on theirs; if you’ve been out a few times, you might be wondering what happens next, or wondering what to do next; or hey, maybe you’ve been together for ages and now you want to shake things up a little.

a. For someone who is adventurous and sensual:

Have you encountered “dark dining”? This luxurious dining experience takes place in a completely dark room, where you can’t see anything, including the food you’re eating. At first, the idea may seem strange or even absurd, but eating is a sensory experience that encompasses sound, texture, smell, and taste, as well as vision. Without the ability to see, your other senses become heightened, leading to a more immersive experience of the food and the company you’re with. Dark dining may not be readily available everywhere, but it can be an exciting activity to try with a new date or with a long-time partner.

b. For someone who is adventurous and athletic:

A sports date could be a fun and easy option if you and your date share an interest in sports. This type of date allows you to participate in an activity you both enjoy, while getting to know each other as both players and potential romantic partners. Once the pandemic subsides, team sports or group activities like cricket or bowling can be low-pressure events where you can still have a good time even if there’s no romantic spark. For the adventurous types, indoor or outdoor rock climbing can create a sense of accomplishment and excitement, helping to build a rapport.

c. For someone who is safety-conscious, and the long-distanced:

Video call dates might seem limited, but there are still many options available. You can still engage in activities you would typically do during an in-person date, such as cooking together or watching a show. To make the most of your Zoom date, treat it with the same level of care and attention as you would a physical date. Dress up as if it’s a special occasion, surprise your date with flowers, and, if you’re creative, write a poem or create something beautiful for them. If your video calling platform is reliable, the night can even end on a romantic note. ?

d. For someone who is an explorer:

Do you and your date know your city well? We often take our hometowns for granted. Exploring well-known tourist spots in your city can make for an engaging date, whether it’s your first or hundredth. Seeing familiar places through new eyes can reignite your appreciation for both your city and the person you’re with. If you both share a love for the same places, you have a strong foundation to build on. This can be a stepping stone towards future travels together, even if that’s not possible at the moment.

e. For those who are home, together:

As the new year approaches, it’s time to celebrate with your favorite drink and meal. Whether you’re in love or just feeling passionate, add some excitement to your intimate moments with a special surprise from Manzuri. Rekindle your commitment to a luxurious love life with new experiences such as edible body butter, a new toy, or a different game. Let 2021 be a year of rediscovery and rekindling between you and your love. 

Wishing you the best of luck with all your dates, whether it’s your first, third, or two hundredth, and a fantastic year ahead.