What We Can All Learn From Drag Queens

Many times, when people hear or think about “drag queens”, the picture that comes to mind is a tall man with loads of makeup, falsies, and big hair. However, there’s so much to drag queens than you’d think. They are resourceful and smart performers that would never shy off from being who they need to be while being creative at it. 

If you look closely, you can actually consider drag queens as role models. Have you thought of how good drag queens are at giving advice? They’re probably better at giving logical solutions to issues than most people who run family shows with the intent to “fix” broken homes.

With that being said, here are some really good lessons you can learn from drag queens. 

  1. Never Be Afraid To Take Creative Risks

Drag queens always think of every risk they take as a great opportunity to showcase how unique, tenacious, and adaptable they can be. Just because we’re comfortable with our everyday t-shirts and jeans doesn’t mean we can’t be as creative as drag queens when we take risks. The next time you’re about to present a project paper or suggest a new idea to your boss or workmates, think about what a drag queen would do with the opportunity and take the risk without fear.

  1. Never Rely On Pretty

If you’re born pretty, thank your lucky stars for the blessing. But, you should always remember that we’re more than just our looks and our beauty. If you haven’t yet, try to discover your talents.  Never rely on your beauty or physical appearance to get where you need to go in life. Being pretty is all good until it starts fading. 

We are all so much more than our physical attributes so embrace your natural talents to always give you a unique edge against your competitors. If anything, genuine people will care more about who you are on the inside rather than your physical appearance.

  1. What Other People Think About You Isn’t Your Business

Have you ever watched RuPaul’s Drag Race? If you have, then you might have noticed that even though the drag queens on the TV hit show faced a lot of discrimination and prejudice, they never let any of that pull them down. Even if you hear people spreading false (or true) rumors about you, don’t let it get to you even though they’ve passed their judgment about you. Drag queens fully embrace themselves and their art so you shouldn’t live life according to how people say or tell you to. Haters will always be there anyway, so keep being awesome.

  1. Always Support Other People

We’ll make another reference to RuPaul’s drag show. It’s more than drag queens showing their creativity by making out-of-this world costumes. It’s about members of the LGBTQ community standing by each other even through the toughest storms. The show is basically a reminder to the LGBTQ+ community that we should always support and give strength to each other even when we face division. 

The next time you’re in the midst of fellow LGBTQ+ individuals, try as much as you can to give a helping hand or meet someone new. Make sure the new person in your meeting doesn’t feel alone. On the plus side, it would be great making a new friend.


Drag queens will always do what they’ve got to do to prove what they’re made of. They will perform intricate and sometimes difficult dance moves during their performances. Never let anything pull you back and stop you from working as hard as you need to get where you want. After all, life is for living!