Where to Connect With the LGBTQ Community On Social Media

Whether or not you’re new to an area, it might be hard to find a community you identify with. If you identify as LGBTQ, your own family and community can create obstacles to prevent you from connecting with a community you relate with. All over the world, members of the LGBTQ community face a myriad of issues. However, feeling a sense of isolation is top of the list because one doesn’t feel a sense of community belonging.

When we say a sense of community, we mean a network of friends or trusted loved ones in a society where your own existence is seen as a political statement. Whether you live in a rural area, or in the suburb of a developed town, you have options as a queer individual to present in a community that you identify with. The hard part is finding them. But, once you do you will find that having queer friends and a sense of belonging is affirming. One of the best ways is to find friends online. Here’s where you can find them

On Facebook, Twitter, and Other Social Networks

One of the best and easiest ways of connecting with the LGBTQ community online is via Facebook. Even though it’s possible for people to conceal their real identities online, it’s becoming increasingly difficult. There are plenty of red flags you can use to identify fake profiles- think no profile photo, empty profile, no friends. All these will tell you whether one is genuine or not.

To find your local LGBTQ community on Facebook, make a search for:  (City Name) LGBTQ. This search will hook you up with plenty of results for local communities of queer people possibly getting together, learning from each other and doing things together. Such Facebook groups are very helpful and they’re usually run by local LGBTQ people in your community looking to help people like you make connections.

Social networks such as Tumblr can be a little messy. However, you can start by following LGBTQ blogs you feel represent you and send them a message. Tumblr is popular with the younger generation in their teens and early 20s. A great place to meet LGBTQ people of all ages is Twitter. You can search interesting tags or start following people you have common interests with. There could be online meetups in your area too so try searching for that.

Dating Apps

Not everyone gets on a dating app for the sole purpose of dates. Some people just want to create dating profiles so they can make friends with people of their community. There’s nothing wrong with this. But, you have to be clear about your intentions. Begin by stating that you’re looking to find friends in the introductory line of your profile. LGBTQ dating apps such as this one have features that cater specifically to the LGBTQ community.


You can find LGBTQ friends online. Even though it might take time for you to learn how to connect with them, it is possible. All you need to do is keep an open mind.