Write With AYA, LGBTQ Stories. Part 1

LGBTQ Stories

To celebrate Pride Month i.e. June 2020, at AYA, we organised a writing competion on the Sheroes platform. Here are the LGBTQ stories, expressions and words of solidarity,  which were submitted by the talented women writers of Sheroes

1. Theme- In Solidarity and Love- My Queer Sisters

by: Shashika Gadepally

The ongoing Pride Month celebrates the legal sanction of Rights, opportunities, economic, and social status, and never the least, the much-needed acceptance.

It has taken decades for the society to understand the emotional trauma that you have gone through for years. None could gage the ‘left out’ feeling you experienced.  It must have been so tough for you to know you were different from the ‘others’? Till recently you were treated as the OTHER GENDER, now you are a part of us. The legal battle you have won is a turning point in human history. The community which has fought for its existence and identity is sanctioned legally to be the companion, to be the beloved of a person of your choice, gender bias here has been defeated.

Let us all take pride in being AS YOU ARE. All the humility, bullying is a thing of the past. The support that we extend shall merge the differences and erase the bias. It is WE and never again YOU and ME. We shall strive together to establish a strong bond that empowers to overcome social and economic challenges, resolves issues of relationships, and strengthens the emotional ties. We pledge solidarity.

2. Wish for Queer Sisters

by: Anita Sharma

Dear Sisters 
Every creation of God is beautiful in itself.  The fact that you have accepted and acknowledged who you are shows that you are strong. 
You don’t owe anyone any explanation. 
Go forward with pride and achieve your dreams !
Stay strong,  stay true to yourself and soon the world ,too ,will believe in you ! 
May  good luck, good health,  love and prosperity be with you  today and always!

God bless !💕💕💕💕

3. My Queer Sister’s

by: Amita Chauhan

In my perfect little world, people greet,
they kiss and hug each time they meet .
There are no tears nor fears
and everyones okay with queers.

But in the world today, we just don’t care,
and showing love is somewhat rare.
When times are fun all friends are near,
then things get tough most of them disappear.

In my perfect little world, we give and share;
we make it a point, to show we care.
We live to love, and love to live,
and find it easy to forgive.

But in the world today we strive on greed,
and crave the things we rarely need.
We step on others to get our way,
so were let alone to pay.

In my perfect little world,
children smile,
and parents go that extra mile.
No child is ever harmed or hurt,
abused or treated just like dirt.

But in the world today most people cry
and only pray in case they die.
We’ve given in to all that’s bad,
and then complain that life is sad

In my perfect little world were all the same
and life is not a spiteful game.
People are loyal, honest and just,
and value the gift of friendship and trust.

But in the world today it seems,
we’ve lost all hope or goals and dreams.
Malicious acts are seen as witty,
I think it’s sad and such a pity

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4. MY Queer Sisters (2)

by: Amita Chauhan

I am not real
I am queer
I am barely female
I like girl hearts and boy hearts but neither girl parts nor boy parts
I am queer; therefore i am not real
he wants a girl
a normal girl
not a queer child
I am queer
I am not alive
I am not here
I am queer
and i don’t see others as queer
I am the only queer and therefore I should not be alive
I am queer

5. Live the way you wanna be

by: Aarathi Raghuveer
#WritewithAYA #Mysister

Gone are those days
When you were considered queer
You are one of us
A part of our society
With a different approach
Your life is at your free will
Not prejudiced against any
Be proud about yourself
Don’t shame away
By your appearance
You are as you are
Show the world
Your completeness
Live the way you wanna be.
Live the way you wanna be.

More stories in our next post. If you have something to share with us write to us at hello@asyouare.in. We will be happy to share your thoughts, expression, story with our audience.